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The AceMalicious Lore

I have been an avid Destiny player on the PlayStation 4 ever since the Taken King. I was not a fan of First Person Shooter games before this, so going into Destiny was a big unknown. I did not know if I would really enjoy it as my original gaming passion was for classic RPGs. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I fell in love with Bungie's universe. 

The Hunter known as AceMalicious has been my main character since Day One. I enjoy playing with all three classes, but my true passion goes into the Hunter.  All of the characters surrounding AceMalicious are based on fellow Destiny players that I have played with since entering Bungie's universe. Some have moved on to other games or projects while others continue to play as avidly as myself.

If you see an AceMalicious in your Tower, feel free to say hello.

Also: Yes. I would love to share a dance.

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