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Exo : Male : Hunter
Ghost: Mal

Revived by his ghost in the ruins of a Golden Age space ship found near Mars, Ace has been a Guardian in the Last City for longer than he can remember. Arriving in the City around the time of The Great Disaster, this Exo has witnessed several historic events along with the rise and fall of many legends.

A typical Hunter, Ace prefers the intrigue and allure of exploring the Wilds on his own. However, he is not adverse to the company of others and is fiercely loyal to those that he surrounds himself with. Fortunately, his friends have grown accustomed to the Hunter's penchant for getting himself into trouble.

If Ace isn't charging headlong into danger, he will likely be found on the track whenever a Sparrow race is being held.

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Awoken : Female : Titan
Ghost: Kaci

Found by her Ghost in a crashed jumpship somewhere within the ruins of Seattle, Halily was Reborn during the City Age. Avoiding danger as best as she could during the arduous journey across the North American continent, she was eventually rescued by the Pilgrim Guard and given passage to the City. So impressed was she with the Guardians that saved her, Halily decided to become a Titan as well.

Not long after her arrival in the City, she was taken in by a group of veteran Guardians who taught her about being a Guardian. Unfortunately, her initial journey sapped her of confidence in her own abilities and often fails to give herself the credit she is due. Halily prefers to defer to others as she believes they are more capable than her.

However, she is every bit a Titan and is a force to be reckoned with whenever she does step forward. Beware her right hook.

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